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    Unanswered: An SQL and E-commerce Career


    I am a 19 year old Website Development student finishing my second year in the North of England.

    I want to know what kind of different careers i could get in to with in SQL and E-commerce, i'd particularly like to hear first hand opinions if anyone has any to share?

    Any insights will be very much appreciated, Thankyou,


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    >I want to know what kind of different careers i could get in to with in SQL and E-commerce
    There is more to SQL than just E-commerce.
    There is more to E-commerce than just SQL.

    Please keep in mind that neither of these two are directly related to Oracle.

    I suggest you browse the various job boards to see what & where entry level jobs exist that might overlap your skill set.
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    Thanks for the tip, i'll be sure to do that.

    Where as I understand these as seperate concepts, the use of SQL in E-commerce interests me, but for now my experience doesn't really extend much past oracle unfortunatly.

    Can i ask what kind of work you do? and what you think of it?

    Thanks again

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