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    Red face Unanswered: comparing different sets of data


    I am running an online marketing campaign. I am a mac user.

    I need to turn the following 2 text documents:

    1.Contacted people

    Lula-Vampiro,nh-last,elenith,Minocula,ey1000high,MissingLight,molo ni,sullivantpaul,devil_lynx

    2.New people


    into the following text document

    3.New people I haven't contacted

    Please note that some of the names will have hyphens and underscores. My list 1 will eventually number over 50,0000 with list 2 numbering about 1000

    Is there a way to import lists 1 and 2 into filemaker and export list 3?
    Is filemaker the best way to accomplish this?

    Many thanks.

    I have posted this query elsewhere and other users suggested filemaker.

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    Well, it should be easy to do as long as both sets of data have the same fields. You'll have to know what the field and record separators are. If it is just one field per record, then that is easy too. You can do it all in FileMaker, but it is probably easier just to open it in a Text Editor (or word processor) and make sure all the separators are good. My recommendation is to make sure that fields are separated by tabs and records are separated by carrier returns. Just do a find/replace. Then you'll be ready to import into a FileMaker table. Simply import that first data and then the second data and it will all reside in the new FileMaker table and ready for your use.

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