Marketing Analysis and Campaign Support contractor $75-95k

I'm currently seeking a Marketing Analysis. The location is Washington, DC. Below is the job description on the opportunity. Please let me know if this is something that you may be interested in if you so will you please send me an updated word copy of your resume if you are not on the market we do offer great referral bonuses. I look forward in hearing from you soon.

Marketing Analysis and Campaign Support contractor

Conduct list pulls to support direct marketing campaigns. List would be sent to fulfillment shop for mail production and delivery.

Conduct list matches/scrubs to ensure correct segments are being targeted

Conduct data extraction to compare lists or provide insight (i.e. how many customer have more than one subscription).

Ability to use Microsoft Access or SQL based tools is required. Note: most list-pulling today is done using Microsoft Access.

Estimated breakdown of duties and responsibilities:

o 40% Generate list pulls to support marketing campaigns

o 20% Report on campaign results, highlighting successes and dissecting misses

o 15% Adhoc analysis to understand new/emerging churn drivers

o 15% Produce weekly report on key churn related metric performance


Strong analytic and reporting skills

Very strong MSExcel and MSAccess capabilities

Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment

Investment Banking and/or Consulting background a plus

Previous experience in a Marketing organization (reporting / analysis) strongly preferred

Sample Duties:
General List Pulling
Welcome Kits - delivering new mailing info of new (paying) activators to webb mason to enable mailing of welcome kits
Inno/Helix Customer Mailing Lists - to enable communication to purchasers of their need to upgrade the firmware in these devices
Make available our email opt-out lists for partner emails
Fontenot (Rios) for Latinsphere / ESPN Deportes
XM Communications to Subscriber Base (McKelvey, Manning, E-Business, Webb Mason)
List to communicate to entire base about Merger (combination of Emails to the emailable and letters to the non-emailable)
Defective Battery Replacement (MyFi)
Email Seed List Management (Irvin, Kutrow, McKelvey, etc.)

OEM/Conversion Support List Pulling
Thousands of false positives resulted from Free2Air program overlapping current OEM Trial winback targets (which was a mistake)
Provided file list of overlapping Radio ID / VINs in order to understand source of error; (How many radios in this list (Free2Air master) match radios in that list (Digitas - Universe of recent OEM trialers)
Provided file of subset of overlap to be purged from future waves of Free2Air activation
Worked with Greg to minimize reduction in reach of Free2Air while still eliminating any further trial conversion interference
Monthly Last Chance Professional Letter Overlay for OEM Trialers (Stokes, Kondracki, List to Webb Mason)
Added this non-Digitas letter for past 6 months to help lift conversion rates; believe has higher response rate (important information about your new vehicle) than existing - Last Chance and Very Last Chance postcards, thanks in part to Honda and Acura logo on their envelopes, but GM doesnt allow;
Digitas has designated 5% holdout cell for past 3 months; now can analyze net impact (and need to).

Other List Pulling
Email campaign list to existing subs (Golomb, Gebski, Mangor, KBX)
Fathers Day email offer (5/30 and 6/4)
Scrub off May takers from recent previous offers (4/17, 5/8)

Basic Data Pulling for Base Understandings
Direct Programs/FF Code Reporting - supporting requests to understand historical sales volumes on various promotional campaigns
Splits of OEM v. Retail bases by account size
Visibility to rate at which OEM base is adding Retail radios