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    Unanswered: Using and in simple sql

    Originally i had:

    DELETE FROM #RptDetails WHERE StructureType <> @StructureType
    AND #RptDetails WHERE #RptDetails.TraderId <> @TraderId OR #RptDetails.TraderId is null

    But it didnt delete the structure types i changed to :
    DELETE FROM #RptDetails WHERE StructureType <> @StructureType --AND
    DELETE FROM #RptDetails WHERE #RptDetails.TraderId <> @TraderId OR #RptDetails.TraderId is null

    and it did, how do i format the 2nd sql into 1 statement and what was i doing wrong?

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    Based on your first statement, I would assume something like this:
    DELETE FROM #RptDetails
    WHERE StructureType <> @StructureType
    AND (#RptDetails.TraderId <> @TraderId OR #RptDetails.TraderId is null)
    However, running as two separate statements, you essientially get an "OR" instead of an "AND" for the second part of the where clause.
    DELETE FROM #RptDetails
    WHERE StructureType <> @StructureType
    OR (#RptDetails.TraderId <> @TraderId OR #RptDetails.TraderId is null)
    The second method could delete more records because it doesn't require both parts of the statement to be true, so it all depends on what you're really looking for.
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