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    Unanswered: SQL Agent Roles

    I am apparently missing something in the SQL 2005 Agent Roles. I want to give a set of developers access to view the History and Properties for Agent Jobs on a server. I assumed that the SQLAgentReader Role would do exactly that. However, SQLAgentReader is a member of SQLAgentUser so now they have the ability to create their own jobs as well. (Which I don't want.)

    Is there an easy way to get Reader without the ability to create, edit or start anything?

    The next thing that comes to mind, would be to Add the users to the SQLAgentReader Role and then explicitly deny execute on the add/edit job stored procedures. The other thought I had was to just set up db_reader, or grant select access on the necesary tables/views, but I don't think Management Studio would understand that, so I'd have to write a separate GUI to access the data.
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    Explicitly deny execute permission on the following after enrolling those logins into SQLAgentReaderRole:

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