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    Unanswered: Summarising information from a sub-subform

    Hi all. I currently have a main form for my CASEID.

    For each case there several invoices, which are shown in an invoice subform.

    For each invoice, there is a list of activities and timunits which are held in the invoicedetails subform

    I want to be able to summarise the activities & timeunits according to the type of activity (defined by activityprefix). How do i go about doing this? I have created a crosstab query which can do this function but have had trouble linking it to the invoiceID.

    Help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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    Hi kingbal,

    To me it's not quite clear what you want to do - "summarise" means calculate totals or averages, etc.? If so, you can a control in the form footer of a subform with control source like =sum([timunits]) that will calulate the sum of [timunits] for the records shown on the subform. Then refer to this control on the parent form. I think there's an example in the Microsoft NorthWind example database, although I don't remember which form - look around you'll probably find it. The Northwind db comes with Access, or just google it and it should be there.

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