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    Unanswered: System choice

    Hi all,

    I am new to posting in this forum as usually I have been able to find the answers I need just by searching.

    I am considering redeveloping a system that I built some time ago. I built the original system with MSAccess, the system is for a small business, it's working fine at the moment, however, a lot has been added to it so I think it's about time to clean it up a bit and add any other functionality they might want.

    One of the main things that they were looking to do was access the system remotely, it's currently in use over a 3 computer network.

    What I was really wondering is has anyone got any suggestions about how I can make it remotely accessible. As I am going to redevelop it, suggestions of doing it with a different system would also be an option.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, HRG

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    probably best to move this to the Access forum......

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    Consider getting Citrix. I've had good luck with Citrix and accessing Access applications via Citrix (as well as other applications). But Citrix is a bit expensive. You could also consider Terminal Server services which is free with Microsoft.
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    Yup, I tend to use remote desktop for this kind of thing.
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    thanks for the help guys.

    Is Citrix a remote desktop like realVNC is?

    The only thing that bothers me about this is the pc being out of use when someone if logged in via Citrix
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    Citrix is not like VNC, its more like Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop), so, if you have some kind of server edition of windows you can have several sessions simultaneously.

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