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    Hello guys and gals!
    I am having this kind of a problem: Access 2007
    I have a form which asks to enter a zipcode.
    When user types a zipcode he hits the button "ok"
    "ok" processes a such macro

    Macro condition Action Arguments
    opendialog Open Form testform,form,,,edit,normal
    Notisloaded("test2") Cancel Event
    CloseDialog Close Form,testform,Prompt

    ok setvalue [visible],no
    OpenQuery relationdb Query, ds,reado
    OpenReport TestReport,Report,,,Norm
    RunCommand Refresh

    So the problem i meet when Access opens report, report has an old data in it that why i tried to apply command "Refresh" but that command doesn't work either. Even manually u hit button "refresh" on menu it doesnt refresh data with new query results. It does work though when u hot button "Refresh All". It gives me a report with current query results. But how can I have "Refresh All" command done automatically, so people wouldn't need to hit "refresh all" every time they type in a new zipcode and get a report with results of previous query. Because in argument's list of "RunCommand" action i have just "Refresh" and "RefreshPage" commands. If someone knows how to fix it i would really appreciate it.

    Thank you very much

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    Go to your macro, right click it and chose "Save As..."
    Select to save as a module and then post the code generated back here.
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    Thank you George for your reply. I fixed the problem.
    I just needed to add "requery" action with blank arguments after action "OpenReport" and that did the job. Now ir refreshes all the report records.
    But thank you anyway.

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