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    Red face Unanswered: MS Access Driver MaxLockPerFile Exceeded

    I wish to translate a large text file (record n = 667,285) into MS Access 2002 using either df Power DBMS/COPY (v.8) or STAT/Transfer v.9. Both programs choke when translating to MS Access. Error message:
    "Error writing file OBDC error in wcase. HY000 - [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLockPerFile registry entry. Record count stood at 376,001 with Stat/Transfer v.9.
    Note: I managed to translate the text file to a SAS SAS7BDAT format. The translation from SAS format to Access also failed.

    I would appreciate guidance on how to proceed to deal with MaxLockPerFile!

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    Have you tried googling for it?

    Why can't you import the text file from Access itself?
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    or alternatovely dump the data into a sutiable format CSV for instance and add the records offline (say overnight) using an autoexec macro to import the data, then do a compact & repair so that the db and indexes using at optimum condition.

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