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    Question Hello! Could you pls help me with an advice?

    Hello everybody!

    I worked with db a few years ago in FoxPro, but now I'm "rusty". I'm looking for a Junior DB job, but I don't know where to start.

    Could you pls tell me what should I start learning first? I did some work in Access but I don't think I could get a job with that.

    Thank you and I appreciate your help very much!

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    I thought they wern't allowed to use the word "Junior" in a job title anymore; maybe that's just here in sunny old England.

    Sadly FoxPro is reaching the end of it's life; they recently announced that they would not be producing another version (i.e. v10 would never make it off the starting blocks). Instead, they are looking into porting it over to the .NET framework. VFP is a great language and tool system, but the fact is it has become dated and everyone is hopping on the .NET gravy train!

    If you want to be a DBA, then you have a tonne of choices of what platform to go with. If you want my opinion; employers like to see the word Microsoft on peoples qualifications, because, after all, a heck of a lot of people use their products!

    But, you've developed in VFP and Access; which suggests more than just database work; perhaps some front-end stuff as well?

    Well in that case, the .NET platform is a good place to aim for; it has a great ability to work with data and once again, is very desirable on a CV.

    You have a lot to learn, but take it slow. Do not skip straight to .NET if you chose that path; work on some "legacy" platforms, such as classic ASP, get the foundations layed properly before becoming a GUI school-kid
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    Thank you for your reply. And yes, I did mostly front-end work. I have a book "Beginning ASP.NET databases using C# ", I'll look for some classic ASP books too. I'm reading now SQL databases.

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    Why learn old stuff

    Why learn old stuff? I dont understand the logic of that.

    Theres a steep enough learning curve just using the current stuff and by the time you've learned that it will have changed again.

    The fundamentals are the same. Learn those. Then just learn what ever is the current language.

    C# and .net stuff wont go away for a long time. I'd learn that, but others may disagree.

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