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    Unanswered: query to match

    I have a table with two fields:
    Field1 Field2
            S11.1  111001 
            S13     130001 
            S11     110001
            S13.1   120001
    I need to query to find where Field2's first three digits does not match the numbers in field1. Giving the sample: 120001 would be listed in the results because it does not match the numbers in S13.1 130001(2nd record) does because if there is no "."; it defaults to zero.
    I don't know to set up the criteria or what to ask so it would give me the results needed.
    Can anyone help please.

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    if all you want to do is to make sure the firsts two digits of column 2 match the 2& 3 digits of column1 then

    select <mycolumnlist> from <mytable>
    where mid$(<mycolumn1>,2,2) <> left$(<mycolumn2>,2)


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    Yes that's essential correct. I want the query to return where they Do Not match the 3 digits after the "S". If there's no ".", this defaults to 0. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks

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