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    Red face Unanswered: Can DB2 Timestamp can be directly loaded into Oracle.

    Hi Friends,

    I am with task of Migrating DB2 data into Oracle and facing problem with Timestamps fields.Does any format change required before populating it into Oracle. I am able to insert the records in to Oracle, but unable to view the timestamp fields in Oracle.Please do help me solving this problem.
    I am using Hibernate/java as ORM Mechanism to migrate data from DB2 to Oracle. I feel problem is specific to DB2 to Oracle conversion. Would need suggestions to resolve this.

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    Before you get any meaningful answer to your question you would need to define the "unable to view the timestamp fields in Oracle" part in more detail. Is your monitor switched off? May be you don't have Oracle installed? Do you get ORA-01555?
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Red face

    With my process data is getting loaded and I am able to query all different attributes except Timestamp.What might have went wrong?

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    Migrating Dates from DB2 to Oracle

    Dates and datetime stamps are different from one database to another...thus always an "issue" when migrating, converting, or integrating data between databases. If you aren't opposed to using a 3rd party tool to migrate your data between DB2 and Oracle, you should take a look at the Pervasive DataTools product called Data UpLoader to Oracle. It includes the ability to convert datetime automagically between DB2 and Oracle.

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