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    Hi Everyone,

    Have just started my new job and the first thing they ask me to fix is a access database, I have limited knowledge so it's not my strong point so any help would be greatly recieved.

    I've attached what the report looks like, previously this was set to print out over 2 pages on a dot matrix printer, i've been asked to amend this to print out on an A4 page using a laserjet.

    I've tried moving the subform up without much success, am I missing something very straightforward?


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    Rob, When you say moving the subform up what exactly do you mean? Are you trying to move it up towards the header? You can simply drag and drop the subform where you want it however you would have to move everything above it first so as not to have it overlapped. Also, this is assuming that it is not in some sort of special grouping, which from the screen shot that does not appear to be the case.

    There is still the potential of having the list of line items extend the report to 2+ pages as well. Is there a reason for all the spacing between the fields?

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    Might I suggest you start learning something about Microsoft Access if it is to be part of your job?


    You only need to drag and drop the objects around on the report design so that the report prints on an A4 page. Keep reducing the width and height of the detail section until it is no more than 190 wide and 277 tall (assuming you have margins of 10 all around. All in millimetres.

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    one of the problems is that its difficult to shift a report to a specific size

    first thing to do in my books is to find the maximum printable area on you printer... most are around 1cm less than the paper size.. but just make sure you are not trying to print 'beyond' the printers ability to print on a single sheet of A4...... generally 10mm border is fine, as it allows for different makes of printer... changing you report width to 277 mm (File | Page Setup | margins tab) gives you and extra 33 mm width per report to 'play' with.. whilst you are at it change the default for all future reports (Tools | options | general)

    then as Startrekker says drag the controls around as required.

    as the central block of the report is a sub report, I'd suggest you try to find out how many items are likely in that subreport to see if it can be fitted on a single page.... if not there area whole lot of tricks that may be required later on but foir now I'd 'just' get to grips with relaying the report.

    you can if you want print the report landscape.... if the number of items in the sub report is quite large it may well go over one page...

    one thing you can do, which I've seen is just to condense/reduce the font size so that the 132 column dot matrix report is scaled to fit.. nasty but effective

    one thing to bear in mind is that as its a GUI report you can do a lot more with a windows report that a printer based report (in terms of adding in boxes, logos and the like. logos need to be around 3..4 times the printed size.. if it looks ok on the screen, reduce it by at least 66% on a report. ie if the logo looks fine at 6cm size on your screen reduce it to no more than 2cm size on the report.

    you can drag any element anywhere you want in Access.. it has no concept of overwriting or layers

    you need to pay attention to usage of space.. there's a heck of a lot of white space on that report. when used effectively whitespace is great breaks up the sections of report into manageable chunks of data, each consumer of that report can zoom in on the relevant section, but used randomly just wastes paper

    you need to pay attention to positioning...... drag & drop is fine for crude positioning, but for precise alignment you need to adjust the properties of each element (right click to pull up the properties)

    I'd agree with Startrekker that unless you went to this gig claiming detailed knowledge of Access I'd be screaming to get some training booked, mind you if there is any access development going on at that shop.bakery I'd also be screaming to buy in the excellent Sybase book Access Developers Handbook for the verion of Access you are using.


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    Thanks all for your help, it's now printing on A4.

    I wasn't told I'd be supporting any db's when I was offered the job, so I had a nice surprise, I think my employers are treating it as a test.

    Have now got the Access Handbook on order, thanks

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