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    I am making a small database about a small retail store. A fraction of it is displayed on the attachment. I have the entites Sale, Employee and Product. The Sale-Product relationship will consist of a list of sold products. My question is: Is it possible to make the number of columns in the table for the relationship variable, since every sale can have different number of products? Or can you suggest a better way of making this happen?
    thanks in advance
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    Design your application to Third Normal Form & you won't need a varying number of columns in any table.
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    On this site you can find a collection of data models which you can combine and customize for your purpose.

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    Have a child table to hold each item sold to the customer for the particular sale
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    First, thanks for the answers. The second one will be of a great help.

    I looked through some of the models, and realized that the idea about a child table will do the job.
    Thanks guys
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