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    Unanswered: Query in 10g oracle

    Hi All,
    I am facing problem with a select query in oracle 10g database from was working for oracle 9.Can anyone help me in finding what the problem is?The select statememnt I have written is as follows

    Str="select UCC.table_name, UCC.constraint_name, UCC.column_name, UCC.position, UC.constraint_type " & "from USER_CONS_COLUMNS UCC,USER_CONSTRAINTS UC " & "where (UCC.constraint_name = UC.constraint_name) " & "and UC.constraint_type = 'P' " & "and UCC.table_name = " & " '" & TableName & "'"

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    it might be helpful if you actually told us what the problem was. At the moment, your question kind of equates to:
    "I have a car, it used to go without any problems, now it it has problems. It is a Ford Cortina 1.8 GL. Can you tell me why it is having problems?"

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    Also, it is extremely important to use bind variables when selecting from the database. This would improve the performance and would make it more secure.
    I see far too many front end developers using string concatenation for running sql queries on the database. This is incredibly bad programming practice. Get out of the habbit!
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