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    Question Design question - user created form fields

    I have a personal project that I'm planning to implement, but having difficulty with coming up a good solution to below problem.

    The basic idea is to provide a simple tool for users to collect data from other people ( similar to a survey ).
    Users will be able to create several (up to 20) form fields. I can dynamically create a database table for each user-created form, however this doesn't sound like a good solution.

    What would be the best way to do this? I'm planning to use Postgresql for this project. I don't know much about Amazon's SimpleDB, or Google's BigTable. Can those serve better to my problem?

    Thanks for any help...

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    Just have a table of questions, a survery table and a survey_questions table. In the survey table pop in a row for detais about the survey (who's doing it, name of survey etc). In survey_questions two columns - question_id and survey_id. There will be up to 20 rows per survey.

    This is a very basic deign and you might well need more tables eventually but it covers the problem you discuss and no need to dynamically create tables.
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    questionaires are realtively easy.. providing your questrions are yes/no, or multiple choice. after all its a simple column 1= quesstion 1 answer, column2.... and so on.

    yes no is effectivley a restricted multiple choice.
    you store the value of the relevant choice int he relevant column

    say 0=No, 1= Yes, 3 = undecided
    or -2 strongly disagree, -1 disagree, 0 neutral / dont care, 1 agree, 2 strongly agree

    the problem is when you ask the users opinion in a free from text box, or your choice allows other (please expand)

    however all is not lost

    you can define a question type, and fromt hat decide what type of control / question layout to present to the interviewee. but that is a lot more complex than a simple questionare

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    I have a data model for this scenario...will try to post some info later today if I get some free time from meetings

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    Thank you for the replies.

    @pootle flump I liked your suggestion. It solves my problem. I'll probably end up with a huge table (question_id, answer).

    @healdem Unfortunately, fields can be any type (date, boolean, text etc.)

    @healdem Looking forward to your solution.

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