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    Red face Unanswered: Inner Select Column Field

    Dear all,

    I have problem in the following SQL. Please help. The problem in the inner select statement for the group by clause. Please help

    select company.billtocompany,
    (select quartername from quarter where a.orderdate between
    convert(datetime, quarter.startdate) and convert(datetime, quarter.enddate)+1) quartername,

    sum( a.qty) orderedqty

    from a, company, countrycode

    where a.billtocompany=company.compcode and
    a.countrycode=countrycode.countrycode and
    a.billtocompany='111111' and
    a.orderdate between convert(datetime, '2008/01/01') and convert(datetime, '2008/10/01')

    group by company.billtocompany, countrycode.countryname, quartername

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    You really have a table called "a" ?!
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the following will return the same value for every row returned, right?
    (SELECT quartername
           FROM   quarter
           WHERE  a.orderdate BETWEEN Convert(datetime, quarter.startdate)
                                  AND Convert(datetime, quarter.enddate) +1) As [quartername]
    And I imagine you don't want that!

    I'm not going to guess at your requirements, it is up to you to provide us with full enough details to aide you to a solution.

    Please read the following link
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