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Thread: Dates at X axis

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    Unanswered: Dates at X axis


    Just a newbie question. I made a chart based on a query where the X axis values are dates.
    What should I do to hide dates in the chart that are not included in my query. I.e saturday and sunday dates are not in the querry by the chart keeps showing these dates on the axis.

    Any hint?

    Best regards!

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    Sorry for the vague reply as I don't have Access in front of me right now. I had a similar situation. On the form/report with the chart, I double clicked on the chart in Design view. Somewhere on the property sheet you could change the type of data on the X axis. If I remember right there was something like Serial that changed how it handled the dates.

    Sorry that I don't remember exactly but dig around in the chart properties in Design view and you should be able to find what you need. Hope I got you headed in the right direction at least.


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