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    Unanswered: Currend date minus 3 months

    I have a colum which holdes MMYYYY (month and year) I need to query data to extract last 3 months data (MMYYYY between current date and current date minus 3 months)

    This ishow I did it in MS SQL
    MO_YR BETWEEN CAST(CONVERT(varchar(6),DATEADD(month,-3,GETDATE()),112)as int) AND cast(CONVERT(VARCHAR(6),getdate(),112) as int)

    Can some one tell me how to do itin ORACLE

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    to_date(column, 'mmyyyy') between add_months(sysdate, -3) and sysdate
    sysdate = GETDATE()
    add_months = DATEADD() but is specific for adding months
    Also, would be a good idea to create a function based index on your column that converts it from varchar2 to date. This will speed up your query performance. In general, it's a real bad idea to store date information in varchar2 field.... you often don't get what you expected....

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