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    Unanswered: Will a 32 bit xp_ run on 64 bit SQL 2005?

    Once upon a long ago, I'm pretty sure that it was possible to run 32 bit extended stored procedures in the 64 bit SQL 2005 environment. I'm not clear whether this was just for a limited environment like the CTP or if this functionality actually made it into production. I remember that there was a hard and fast 2 Gb limit, and if your SQL 64 process used more than 2 Gb then all bets were off and things would crash.

    Does anybody remember the details behind this, or have you tried (either successfully or not) to run a 32 bit extended stored procedure on a 64 bit RTM or later system?


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    Not sure about xp_xxx's, but a 32-bit CLR's run successfully on 64-bit 2K5. I didn't even look at the compile options when building an assembly. Have you tried to deploy yours onto 64-bit system? I had a problem, when trying to use dsquery/dsget on a 64-bit system from SQLAgent, and discovered a strange behavior, - SQL did not recognize them as valid executables because they were 64-bit, which led me to believe that when SQLAgent executes an OS task (at least in SP1), it creates a virtual 32-bit environment where 64-bit executables are not valid.
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