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    Unanswered: sql query data horizontally with sum and condition

    I am trying to get data from the following query in a row with total but not succeed and getting error message. Please help and advise.

    Select empid,name,country,
    sum(case category when 'JOB' then sum(core+RR) else 0 end) as 'JOB-Sum',
    sum(case category when 'PRIVATE' then sum(core+PP) else 0 end) as 'PRIVATE-Sum',
    group by empid,name,country

    Note: Following query is good for getting result in one row but i have to put sum calculation with 'THEN' and want result in a row.

    SELECT ID, MAX(case when Col1 = 'Yes' then 1 else 0 end) AS Col1,

    MAX(case when Col2 = 'Yes' then 1 else 0 end) AS Col2

    FROM MyTable


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    ... and getting error message
    means nothing. Oracle returns an error code and error message. As we aren't mind readers nor sit behind your back so that we could see what's on your screen, it is YOU who should tell us what happened. The best option is to copy and paste the whole SQL*Plus session so that we could see it ourselves.

    As of your problem, well, it seems that you should remove the SUM function from the CASE statement and remove single quotes from the column alias; something like this:
          when category = 'JOB' then core + RR
          else 0 
       ) as JOB_Sum,
    If you insist on JOB-Sum, then enclose it into DOUBLE quotes, not single ones.

    Also, next time properly format your code and use CODE tags improve readability.

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    Thanks so much.

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