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    Hey, im looking to help people and perhaps learn things

    Hello im Jack Ellis. I own as thats what you would do at my age (14). I can't take up too bigger project due to my exams and coursework. But i have joined this forum mainly to help people with php/mysql on their site, and i would like to learn more. After reading some of the threads on this board i have realised there is ALOT more to learn.

    I can code pretty simple php with mysql. Stuff like

    PHP Code:
    include ("config.php");
    if (!
    inclue ("login.php");
    $x mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `username` = '$_SESSION[username]'");
    $xx mysql_fetch_array($x);
    echo (
    "Hello $xx[username].");

    Nothing too advanced but i have only been learning php with mysql for 2 years.

    The funny thing is my html has got worse. My php has improved whilst html has degraded. Or it may be that people have got better. For example, CSS, i aint got a blumming clue how to do it. <div class=whatever>lol</div>

    But i get confused.

    ANYWAY, i hope i enjoy myself here

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    hi jack, welcome to dbforums

    css is a lot easier than sql

    and sql is easy

    regarding sql, let's start you off with a few pointers

    number one, never use the dreaded, evil "select star" | @rudydotca
    Buy my SitePoint book: Simply SQL

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    Quote Originally Posted by r937
    number one, never use the dreaded, evil "select star"
    So i have to name all the tables instead?

    SELECT username etc?

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    It may be a pain, but yes; explicitly list out the columns you wish to retrieve in your select statements.
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