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    Unanswered: INDEX FULLKEYCARD and number of leafpages

    Hi friends,

    For any index is it true that indexfullkey cardinality would be approximately equivalent to number of indexrows that will be scanned for a nonmatching column scan.??

    And what does a filter factor of 0.0 mean??If there is a index on ID,LNAME and only LNAME is used in WHERE clause,i believe the filter factor would be 0.0 in this case and the index slice would be all the index rows..Please correct me if i am wrong


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    Index fullkeycard is the number of unique values in the complete index (all columns of the index). If a non-matching full index scan is necessary (the b-tree is not used) then all the leaf pages (and all the index entries) need to be accessed to resolve the query (assuming that is the access path chosen by DB2).
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