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    Unanswered: Need help with collation/code page and SQL Anywhere 10


    I am developing a small application for a company that uses a sybase db (SQL Anywhere 8). My application is aimed to be used on handheld devices such as Windows Mobile 5 devices. The application needs to run a few simple select queries against the DB.

    I have managed to create a sample db and connect it as a network db to my application on the handheld device and it works just fine. However when I try to connect the existing db the company uses I can't connect because "The code page is not supported on the device (Windows mobile 5)". What I want to do is to add a collation/code page to the db that is supported on the WM5-device so that it will work on the handheld device. Is this possible to add? And how do I do this? Is there any tool for implementing a collation or code page to an existing Sybase db?

    Thanks in advance

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    Just so I understand, you are trying to connect to a SQL Anywhere database server running on a network from a Windows Mobile device, right?
    If so, I have a few questions:
    What interface are you using on the windows mobile device (ADO.Net?)?
    What is the collation/code page being used on the network database server?

    Generally, you shouldn't need to add any collation support to the database to support clients on devices with other code pages. The client interface software should be able to translate from the server code page to the client code page. You can use the connection parameter "Charset" to affect how the client translates the data retrieved from the server.

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