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    Question Unanswered: how to show more than 1 record in one report (crystal report 9.0)

    hi everybody.
    i am trying to show record from 4 table in a report. 3 table will show 1 record in 1 report while 4rth table will show 1 or more record from in single report.

    table1 tabl2 tabl3 tabl4
    code code code code
    proName soldQuantity paidAmount ChqNo

    payment possible through more than 1 cheque. so display all cheqes in report.


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    If you have your joins right (outer join on table 4), it will display a check number for each payment, you can then suppress repeating values on the other fields.

    You can also use a subreport, which may be a little intensive.

    You can also load the check numbers into an array and concatenate them, or something similar.

    You have several possibilities to explore.


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