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    Question Unanswered: ODBC Help

    I am new to making ODBC connections, but am working with a UPS guy on
    making a connection from WorldShip to FileMaker and he is quite
    familiar with ODBC. I've set up the FileMaker server so that the
    file is sharing as ODBC (check marked in the console) and made sure
    the ODBC/JDBC check mark is checked in the ODBC/JDBC tab of the
    Console. It is running on FileMaker Server 9 on a Mac (Leopard) and
    all looks good on that side.

    I am connecting through a Windows machine (unfortunately, it is XP
    Service Pack 3, which is not official yet). We went to the ODBC
    control panel and selected the DSN tab to make our connection. From
    what I read, we need to use a DataDirect driver, but we could not
    find one in there. I read where we needed to install MDAC 2.8 and
    then we would see the DataDirect Driver, but that didn't work because
    it would not install. We tried MDAC 2.81 also and it did not
    install. When then went looking for the driver which is apparently
    "DataDirect 32-BIT Sequel 5.4". I searched Google to find it to
    download it, but can't find it even on the Data Direct web page. I
    found on a FileMaker page a reference that "DataDirect setup.exe" was
    supposedly included on the FileMaker 7 install for Windows, but I do
    not have a 7 CD anymore. The FileMaker 9 Windows install is just a
    setup file and I can't unzip it or something to look for files inside
    of it for the DataDirect driver.

    I'm sure this is supposed to be simple and I've overlooked something
    simple. Do you guys have any suggestions? I think all I need is
    that DataDirect driver if I know where to download it or even buy it.


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    I downloaded eval version of FM9.0, and when it was extracting files, it created fm_7_win_xdbc_7.0.5.317 folder. In there, under ODBC Client Driver, you'll find the setup for datadirect sequelink 5.4 driver.
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