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    Unanswered: PDF indexing in SQL Server 2000

    I'm looking for troubleshooting tips to enable fulltext indexing of PDFs in SQL Server 2000. Here are my steps so far:

    • added a column (PDFindexBlob) with data type 'image'
    • added a column (BlobType) to indicate the file extension (pdf) so that the installed Adobe iFilter (v6.0) gets invoked
    • made sure that the fulltext catalog (CHF) includes the relevant table
    • ran sp_fulltext_column to add the column PDFindexBlob to the catalog, and to indicate the corresponding document-type column (BlobType, varchar(4))
    • loaded a PDF (via ASP) into PDFindexBlob and set BlobType = 'pdf'
    • rebuilt and repopulated the catalog
    • queried the table using CONTAINS() for several words I know to be searchable text in the PDF

    No Joy. I'm aware of the single-threading issue, but the registry hack isn't doable because it's a shared host. Anyway the MS Knowledge Base article indicates that the Service Pack 3 update should have fixed that issue.

    Suggestions from successful PDF indexers are most welcome!

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    Convert pdf to text, add a new text column to index

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