I have an Excel report that I import into Access monthly. The report starts off pretty ugly, but I managed to automate a process that cleans it up so that it can be pulled into a database. All the fields are set to 'text' format in Access so that everything from the spreadsheet makes it in. The import process worked, and continues to work on my laptop and another users desktop. However, responsibility for running the report is changing, and when the new person tries to run it, some of the data is getting dropped. The report has dollar amounts in several columns, and it is dropping negative amounts when the new person tries to import the data. The format of the amounts in the source data has the negative sign at the end of the numbers (ex. 4.251.60-). I've checked everything I can think of in the registry, in Excel and in the user global settings on both the computers that work and the one that doesn't and I can't find any differences. Anyone else seen anything like this?