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    Unanswered: Tough Question

    Ok, I'm needing to write a view for a 3rd party scripting tool to call. Apparently this scrpting tool cannot call a function or SP.

    Here is the problem. The view needs to take a notes col and a date col
    and concat them together as one col and the cus acct # as 2nd col.
    There will be several rows of notes to one cus acct #.

    So if a normal select against this returns

    note date acct
    txt1 1/1/00 1
    txt2 1/2/00 2
    txt3 1/3/00 1

    I need to return this through a view

    notes acct
    txt1 1/1/00, txt3 1/3/00 1
    txt2 1/2/00 2

    I realize there are several ways to do this in a SP or function
    but through a view?
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    Use the view to call the function.


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    should have thought of that

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