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    Unanswered: Otlapi_err_duplicatealias

    Hi All there,

    I am using the API EssOtlSetMemberAlias in my application and i am getting the error " OTLAPI_ERR_DUPLICATEALIAS " which indicates there is some problem in the value of the ALIAS i am passing...

    I am not clear with the functionality of the API EssOtlSetMemberAlias ...
    I am invoking it in the following way...

    status = EssOtlSetMemberAlias (Outline, *hMember, ESS_NULL, argStrAlias);

    The error value if 1060023...

    Please explain me why it is returning so

    Also if anyone has a documentation on these ESSBASE APIs can please forward the same to Thanks

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    Please reply to this if any one knows

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