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    Question Unanswered: Connections, keepalives problems

    Plz. help to undestand some of this things.
    I have Postgres 8.2 on ubuntu with SSH, its working fine, only problems are with connections to keepalive, if i read the documentations its not real clear what are this parameters (count,idle and interval).
    So what i wont is to have every connection live within 30 min and then drop it if within this 30 min nothing happens, how can i reach this configuration.

    How can i get a list of active or idle connections on ubuntu, couse i have max_connections set to 100 ther are 5 clients and sometime i get "Maximum connection for not root user expired" or somthing like that, so how i can see what are this connections ?.


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    Try This:
    SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity;

    If you use PHP don't use persistent connections, they are more then flaky (it s*cks).

    The options in postgresql.conf for keep alive are the same as in your kernel, so you can read this documentation.


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