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    Welcome CFurman!

    Howdy everyone.
    Like many of the people that first post here, I'm fairly green on the topic of databases. I have a fair handle on the basics of databases (design, structure, basic queries, etc...) However, with the last computer class I've taken on databases being over 7 years ago, and having just started a job that is going to handle a lot more complex database scenarios than simply selecting a record from a table in a database, I figured I would join a couple communities as a means to throw ideas off of, look for helpful tips/hints on databases, and so on...

    So with that, there's nothing better than diving head first right into some pretty huge projects!

    I'll see everyone around.

    ~ Chris

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    Some times the deep end is the best place to be!

    Welcome to the forums Chris and I look forward to seeing you around
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