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    Unanswered: Insert null value in column-type is date/time & format is ShortDate ,in Access 2002

    I am trying to insert Null value in column(ShipDate) in my table.That column(ShipDate)'s type id date/time and format is short date.

    I am using "" to insert Null in that column(ShipDate) but it shows warning that
    customer can't append all the records in the append query.
    Customer set 1 field(s) to Null due to a type conersion failure,and it didn't add 0 record(s) to the table due to key violation, 0 record(s) due to lock violations, and 0 record(s) due to validation rule violations.
    Do you want to run the action query anyway?

    But still if I click on Yes than it will simply execute the query and insert null value in table.
    And if I click on No than it cancel the execution of query.

    its caused just because i set type as date/time and put format as short date in that column(ShipDate) in my table.

    How can I remove this warning?

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    "" is called and empty string. It is not the same as Null. If you are trying to update a field to Null then set it equal to Null. Like :

    UPDATE tblTest SET tblTest.DateReceived = Null;

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    Thanks for ur reply.

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