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    Unanswered: Timeout on the rs utility

    The following webpage desribes the rs utility:-

    And it says that rs supports the optional parameter, -ltimeout

    Can someone tell me what this timeout does/means?

    We are passing in a VB.NET script file that reads an XML file that executes a series of reports. Does the timeout apply to the whole VB.NET script file, or to the individual execution of each report?

    Can you also tell me, what happens if it times-out? Does SQL Server kill the SQL job generating the report? Or does it just disconnect the client from the server leaving the job to continue generating the report?


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    There are two types of sql server timeout :connection-timeout,execute-timeout.please test the db connection firstly to firm network available.if it is connection-timeout,your script can't run,nothing serious.

    if it is execute-timeout,it means that execute process is doesn't affect the connection between client and server.if the script is a transaction,it will be rollback,nothing serious.If not ,it would had executed for a period of time .the result perhaps is wrong if your reports refers data calculation.

    sudden disconnction to db also results execute-timeout.but you must confirm which type it is,then you can resolve it.

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