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Thread: Reindex postgre

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    Unanswered: Reindex postgre


    I have problem. i have application payroll with postgre db.
    every day i have 1000 people to check clock.
    the problem i always missing same NIK (it my identity of my people).
    than i check in postgre web i must have reindex dan vacuum.
    can i make auto reindex ?
    because i can access vacuum from may application with shell
    SHELL("C:\Program Files\\PostgreSQL\\8.2\\bin\\vacuumdb.exe -f -d Mypeople -U postgres")

    but i want make reindex too, please help me thank you

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    I am not sure what your exact problem is,
    but you can turn on auto vacuum if you want.

    You normally don't have to re-index every day, only under special conditions.


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