Hi all,
(Knut Stolze, Marcus_A, et all - please chip in if you can)
Thanks you all very much for all the career saving help and advice over the years.

We are currently at DB2v8.2fp16, Linux and windows both at 32-bits. We are getting ready to roll-out a new system with large partitioned TABLES (CLOBS and BLOBS) and even larger non-partitioned tables of significant sizes as well estimated to grow to high double-digits terabyte in total size. We have no prior experience managing and maintaining this large a data environment.
I was wondering if you could blog on "Multi-terabyte DBA maintenance strategies" to talk about best practices for backup, restore, recovery, reorgs and statistics. Benchmark examples or where to find resources that speak of real world experiences and practices will be most appreciated. Real-world examples is the key here.

I hope I have been able to make myself understood.

Again, thanks