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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2008


    I just installed SQL Server 2008, i'm not certain if I am missing a step or theory...

    just ran a simple command:
    USE master

    For some reason, the process simply keeps on running.
    Correct or incorrect statement, the results shouldnt appear any longer than a few seconds...

    Does anyone know why this is taking a lot longer than it should?
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    on the wrong server
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    M$ Betas tend to perform slower than their final versions.
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    Did you install it on top of a previous CTP? I had that issue before, because install requirements did not contain a complete uninstall instructions. Guided purely by huntch I uninstalled the previous beta and reinstalled 2K8. That fixed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrasymachus
    M$ Betas tend to perform slower than their final versions.
    What, 2005 is still in beta?
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