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    Unanswered: DB2 database migration from windows to AIX5


    I have db2 8.2 database is there on windows platform and I want to migrate the database into AIX-5 platform.

    I have taken the db2 backup from windows.

    The backup folder path is :

    D:\RMDB\RMDB.0\DB2RM\NODE0000\CATN0000\20080421\20 4558.001

    The same folder was copied into AIX5 /home/db2inst1 folder.

    The below given command is given for restoring the db.

    Db2 => restore database RMDB from /home/db2inst1/RMDB/RMDB.0/DB2RM/NODE0000/CATN0000/20080421/204558.001

    The error is :

    SQL2036N The path for the file or device
    "/home/db2inst1/RMDB/RMDB.0/DB2RM/NODE0000/CATN0000/20080421/204558.00" is not

    Please give a solution for how to migrate from windows to AIX platform.


    Mohan Reddy

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    You have to use the "db2move" tool (or some other mechanism. The reason is that backups from Windows systems cannot be restored on AIX.

    Have a look at the DB2 manual. Right at the top of the RESTORE DATABASE command, it is explained which cross-platform backup/restore combinations are permissible:
    Knut Stolze
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    It is usually best to move the schema first using db2look. Then use db2move to move the data.

    You might want to create the foreign keys after the data is moved. You can easily extract the FK's out of the db2look output since they are all in one place.
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