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    Good day,

    I would like to know if anyone has been able to come up with a way of converting office documents, excel, word and so on, to pdf from vb or with vb script? I deally I do not want to have to purchase a product, so anything that works that is free would be great. I have a system at present that can do it but it has to be run manually, it is an additional applicaiton.

    Can anyone help?

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    There's a couple of inexpensive PDF print drivers out there, including zeon docucom, which can be automated.

    You can use CutePDF for free, but, it has to be run manually.

    One approach I've used in the past is to set up a postscript printer, and configure its default mode to print-to-file. Then, automate ghostscript to convert the postscript file generated in the prior step to pdf, and kill the source postscript file.

    Ref this discussion at out VB sister-site.

    In your case, you would set the postscript printer as the default, automate the office application to open/print the document to the ghostscript printer, process the postscript file with ghostscript, and finally kill the postscript file. Then, repeat until done.
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    You could use VB or VBS to call a PHP script....

    Most all open source solutions are going to be supported by open source users, hence the PHP reference. Check out the following links for docs and examples:

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