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    Unanswered: Access Questions

    Good Morning

    This is two questions, hope you can help.

    I am wanting to move a spreadsheet system to Access DB and need to know if somethings can be done before I do it.

    1. If I have a table for each area to enter data (there are 5 areas) I can start with a menu form to select the correct area, can each area bepassword protected?

    2. can the areas data be sent to an external email address at the end of each month automatically or by command button.

    3. Can the data that has been send be added to and then forwarded on.

    I hope this is clear.


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    Welcome to the site.

    1) Yes, though presuming the areas had the same data fields, normally you would use 1 table with an extra field for area. You could then restrict to any particular area in a query. You could add a password to access each area, though it should be mentioned that Access is not a high security application (though neither is Excel).

    2) Sure; you can export/email in a number of formats, either automatically or via button. You'd have to set up the automatic part, but it can be done.

    3) (bonus question?) Presuming you send it in an appropriate format (like Excel), the recipient would be able to edit/add to the data and send it on.

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