I'm not sure if this should go in the database area or in here. Since I have been asked to do this with Crystal, I'll ask in here first.

We have an application that has a built in reporting module. It's a powerbuilder app with some rather complex reporting data windows.

The powerbuilder reports kick off a list of Oracle packages, or stored procedures. Of course, once the data is committed, the temp tables used by the stored procedures are truncated.

I have been asked to report off these temp tables. The problem is that I can create a link to the temp tables, but there will never be any data in them. Is there a way to make the data persistent other than creating static tables, OR is there a way of populating the Crystal report with the data, i.e. would the Crystal report have to pass the parameters of the specification to the package?

The parameters are passed by a process other than the report as there is a string of procedures that are called.

Basically. if the Crystal report is not passing the parameters to the stored procedure, what would be the best way to report on the data in the temp tables created in the stored procedure.

I am using Crystal XI.