Hello everyone, I'll start by apologizing in case this is in the wrong area...would appreciate any help whatsoever, and I have done little work towards this, so feel free to point me in an entirely different direction.

I have a very simple database that I plan to build(15 or so fields, all text). This db could get very large(upwards towards 100k records). I would like to publish the records and a very generic search page. This search page would of course be similar to any other multi-field search page online. I need the search result page to show just a few of the fields, with some way to, of course, access the complete record.

I have filemaker and it's IWP approach involves other people logging into my computer(or a server), that sorts through the database for them, etc. I was hoping to avoid this aspect, as the webpage does not need to be changed outside of my computer, and can be uploaded as static.

I see quite a few php and asp databases that seemingly serve this purpose, but I don't know a thing about them and I worry I might be overcomplicating things....

Again, this is a VERY simple database, with very simple records, and I just want a simple, multi-field search page so that I can send a link and someone can search through the static information present.

I would love to hear ideas or concerns, as I am very new to this.

Thanks in advace.