Hi All,

I am a newbie to DB stuff and need some help with choosing a ETL/Search product. I have a couple of main requirements really need to know the kind of tools that exist for the operations I want:

1) The tool should be responsible for periodically migrating data from one Sybase database to another Sybase database in a different server.
i) Incremental migrations and full complete migrations are both preferred if available in a automatic scheduled manner.
ii) I need to modify/filter the data based on some character sets etc. before inserting it into the target database.

2) Is there a tool that ALSO would allow for optimized searching of full text information kind of like the Sybase Full text indexes by Verity? or does this usually have to be a separate component. If a separate component then any suggestions are welcome and ofcourse the idea is to have minimal effort to administer both (1) and (2).

Thanks for any info.