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    Unanswered: Sum With If Condition

    I have a statement, in which, against four quarters, their target vs. achievement figures along with total target & achivement are appearing like as below

    Quarter-1 Quarter-2 Quarter-3 Quarter-4 Total
    Tgt. Ach Tgt. Ach Tgt. Ach Tgt. Ach Tgt. Ach

    15 10 12 0 22 0 18 14

    Now, I want to sum the computed target of all four quarters in Total column where corresponding achievement is greater than 0. Thus means, from the above example, I want to sum only target of Quarter-1 and Quarter-4 only.

    I have tried with the sum with if command, but it does not work if achievement is 0 and returns "FALSE".

    Any solution to the above is requested.

    Thanking you in advance

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    Howdy, and welcome to the board.

    You need to use SUMPRODUCT which allows multiple conditions.

    See this
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