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    Unanswered: How to investigate unexpected truncation of a Table.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm am very new to Databases & Sybase IQ so please bear with me

    I'm testing an app (meta data editor tool) for a datawarehouse built on Sybase IQ. I have noticed that a pretty important table in the repositiory (DWHPartioning table) is being truncated after a certain set of actions in the application occur. These actions (basically just some inserts) should not affect this table in anyway but obviously something very strange is happening.
    Luckily its not my job to fix this weird bug but still I would like to know if I can pinpoint what happened & when by reading the transaction logs?

    Is it possible for me to read these logs and find out how or why the table was truncated?

    If any one could shed some light on how they would go about investigating such an issue I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks very much.

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    Finally got an exception on that table when i tried to update something in the dwh rep. Which is a help.
    11:23:21 [ERROR] Error (java.sql.SQLException) getting value for: 1/2 (java.lang.String: TABLENAME): java.sql.SQLException: [Sybase][ODBC Driver]Invalid cursor position

    So it seems (my doing some rummaging around on google ) that the method was not called in the java application.. seems to be a common mistake. Time to give the developers a smack on the bum!
    I love to know why something like this could truncate the whole table though.
    Anyway, Ill keep talking to myself untill I figure it out, in the hope that it might help someone else in the future who comes across a similar problem .

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