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    Unanswered: Shared Memory not initialized, but it isn't true!


    When I try to change the database status from online to quiescent (using onmode -uy) I get an error message:

    shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER 'ol_xxxx'

    It seems that database is not online, but it is. (All applications goes ok, and if I do "oninit -vy" I get: "database is still running").

    And If I also try to do a dbexport (dbexport databaseName -ss) I get the follow message:

    -908 - Attempt to connect to database server (ol_xxxx) failed.

    Although It seems the database is down, the db is running ok. Do you know what is wrong?

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    Are you sure that your IFX env variables are pointing to the corrent Informix instance? Another way to check is use ps -fu informix and look for oninit processes (if there is only 1 instance running on the box).


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    Yes, I'm sure. I've checked all environmet variables and all of them are right. The problem appears sometimes, one day works fine, but the next day I get this problem (!).

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