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    Unanswered: Error in actuate


    When we deploy a report in web, we are getting the following error
    Plz see the attachment.
    Can anyone please help on this asap.

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    is this a new installation and/or has it worked before
    is the instance listening on the correct port
    db2 get dbm cfg | grep SVC
    with this entry check /etc/services
    check at client the port : db2 list node directory
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    Man, you got to learn to use Google. This was easy to find.

    Looks like you are using SUN. Check one of the folowing
    • The remote database server has not been cataloged correctly at the client. In a client-gateway-server scenario, ensure the host entries are cataloged correctly on the gateway. See the Quick Beginnings guide for assistance.
    • The database manager configuration file at the server has not been configured properly with the proper communication parameters. Check that svcename has been configured properly with the TCP/IP service name or port number and that the port number is unique. If database manager configuration parameters have been updated at the server, the database manager must be stopped and re-started for the changes to take effect. There might be a mismatch between the TCP/IP service name or port number specified on the server and on the client. Ensure the service name maps to the correct port number by checking the services file. You can check this by reading the services file or checking the output of "netstat -a".
    • The DB2COMM environment variable at the server does not specify the communication protocol used by the client. Check that TCPIP has been specified. Issue db2set to see what has already been set. Issue db2set DB2COMM = TCPIP to set the value.
    • The database manager at the server has not been started, or has not been started successfully, or has gone down. The server should have returned SQL1063, and not SQL5043. If you set the database manager configuration parameter, diaglevel, to 4 using, db2 update dbm cfg using diaglevel 4, prior to issuing db2start, the administration notification log will provide detailed information on which protocols were started successfully. Check the administration notification log.
    • The server might be too busy to handle the volume of incoming connections at this time.
    • Network failure, contact your network administrator. You can try a test using the protocol tester, pctt, to verify this is not a DB2 problem.
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