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    Unanswered: advice needed please on suitable database

    Hi all
    I need a relational database with a search interface that acts rather like a website.Let me try explain.
    I have 100 buildings which are at present on a excel spreadsheet.

    I would like to be able to create a simple `home page' property index for the buildings.

    From this index I would like to have a link to a seperate page for each of the 100 buildings

    Each property page will have a description (preferably with a picture) and various other bits of text.
    (All of these pages will be identical in format and composition.)

    From each of the property description pages I would like to create links to 4 further seperate pages each with its own topic heading ie roof,walls, drains etc

    These pages could be excel spreadsheets

    Its a bit like a simple website but on a pc .Could a website format ,say publisher or frontpage be used offline ?
    Any ideas would be very welcome thankyou

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    well if you want a web style interface, whats stopping you running a webserver on your PC and hosting your own website?
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    mmmmmmmm at first I thought that wouldn't be practical but the more I think about it the more I think it may be possible to use a website. Only problem is some of the info pages are excel sheets which need to be interrogated and updated daily. It would mean uploading countless spreadsheets daily

    Can I link to a live excell spreadsheet on a pc from a website ?

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    Why are you relying on Excel?
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    I am using excel to log and monitor remedial work and weekly/monthly invoicing data about 100 properties. There are numerous topics of data and all of it has a £financial value which formulae update .
    There are several of these A3 spreadsheets
    I was wondering if I could use excel for this database. I can insert images but could I also insert links into a spreadsheet to other workbooks ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peanut
    I was wondering if I could use excel for this database.
    Definitely not recommended, but you can. Thing is that Excel is a spreadsheet, not a database, so you'll have problems if you do.
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