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    Unanswered: Newb here! Lookin for project help!

    Hi all! I'm new to database design and development. I can already see the immense possiblities that they present to someone who has the all mighty power to put them to their full use

    I'm trying to work on a few projects, and have met with a little success and a lot of failures

    Project 1: Report Generation, exported and emailed to a client
    Database Type: dBase IV
    Database Program: Access 2000

    Goal: To create a program/report that will look at a giant dBase file. It will pull in specific columns of data that will meet certain criteria (a date range). Once the report is generated, it will automatically export the file to an .xls file format and save it as "Report_050508" the next day would be "Report_050608". It would then email this report automatically to the customer. I would like to set it up so it runs at a specific time every day, and sends the same report parameters to the customer.

    Where I'm at now: I've been able to query the database to pull in the specific columns I'm looking for. I've been able to run a report on this query that gives me the specific information with the specific criteria I have been looking for. So the report is done, now I just need it to export it automatically to an excel format with the file name and date of the report, and then automatically email it to the customer.

    Thanks for the help in advance

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    This is certainly achievable in Access...

    Look up the following in help
    • TransferSpreadsheet
    • OutputTo

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    Have a look in Code bank, you can find more than that you want there.

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