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    Unanswered: "Path to log files" and logarchmeth1 are different why

    info from db cfg for "Path to log files" and logarchmeth1 are different. Why?

     Path to log files = /home/db2inst1/db2inst1/NODE0000/SQL00001/SQLOGDIR/
     First log archive method (LOGARCHMETH1) = DISK:/home/db2inst1/mytemp/log/
    Why are this two paths different? What is the difference between this two parameters?


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    the first is the real path to log files
    logarchmeth1 and 2 are methods to archive the log files. in your case copy the files to new location
    tape-tsm.. can also be specified...see infocenter for details
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    thanks a lot...

    I would like to create backup (only one file) with logs included inside backup image (so no more one file for backup image and multiple files for logs).

    So I have created the following steps for "backup with logs included", but I need logarchmeth1 to be set to make it possible to use this one backup file principle. See the code:
    db2 create db mydb
    db2 update db cfg for mydb using logarchmeth1 disk:/home/db2inst1/mytemp/log
    db2 backup db mydb to /dev/null
    db2 connect to mydb
    db2 "create table mytable (a int)"
    db2 "insert into mytable values (1)"
    db2 backup db mydb online to /home/db2inst1/mytemp/backup include logs
    db2 terminate
    db2 "restore db mydb from /home/db2inst1/mytemp/backup into mynewdb logtarget /home/db2inst1/mytemp/log"
    db2 "rollforward db mynewdb to end of logs and stop overflow log path (/home/db2inst1/mytemp/log)"
    db2 connect to mynewdb
    db2 "select * from mytable"
    So logarchmeth1 parameter in my database environment is only for "backup include logs" purpose. Is there any other more simple way of having logs included in backup image and not using logarchmeth1 parameter?

    My system: DB2 Enterprise v9.5 on Linux xSeries
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